Your missing teeth may stop you from putting forward your best smile. Using dental restorations can help patients restore their missing teeth structures and help resume normal functions of the mouth. Dental crowns are the most popular method of replacing missing teeth and restoring damaged teeth. Dental bridges also serve the same function and bridges gap between one or more teeth.

san jose dental crownsWhat are dental crowns?

Crowns are cap-shaped dental restorations that act as replacements for missing teeth and as cosmetic enhancers. They help to improve appearance and aesthetics of the mouth, thereby giving the patient a fuller smile. Crowns come in different types: All-metal, Ceramic-on-metal, and all-ceramic. The type of crown used usually depends on where the restoration is required. Patients would opt for ceramic crowns in the more visible areas of their teeth.

san jose dental bridgesWhat are dental bridges?

Dental bridges are a way to replace missing teeth. Bridges are recommended for patients who’d want to replace teeth without undergoing surgeries or dentures. A bridge can be composed of two crowns for teeth on either side of the missing tooth (traditional bridges). Traditional bridges can be made of either porcelain fused to metal or ceramics. They can be supported by natural teeth, implants, or a combination of both.

What are the advantages of crowns and bridges?

  • Durability
  • Aesthetics
  • Enhance appearance, shape, and alignment of teeth
  • Restore cracked, broken, or decayed teeth
  • Eliminate pain or discomfort
  • Offer both functional and aesthetic correction
  • Reduce the risk of bone loss
  • Prevent shifting of teeth and the formation of unnecessary gaps.

Tips To Care For Your Bridges and Crowns

Although restorations can last a long time, it is important to maintain them as we have them on. As an initiative to keep them running and healthy, it is essential that we follow good oral hygiene practices, such as follows:

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.
  • Flossing can get rid of particles stuck within the narrow corners of your teeth.
  • Avoid chewing on hard foods or objects.

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