Computerized Pain-Free Injections in San JoseHave you ever been in a situation where dental appointments meant anxiety and fear? Well, it’s time to say goodbye to the fear of pain as our state-of-the-art technology will not let you know of pain at all! The Wand® is a new-age computer-assisted system for local anesthesia that guides dental professionals while performing dental injections. With The Wand®, patients can experience minor pain and extended period of numbness during the procedure with absolutely no discomfort.

Why is The Wand® Different?

The Wand® can offer patients a pain-free, comfortable experience during dental procedures.

The Wand® is different as it:

  • Offers comfort and less anxiety
  • Provides more comfort than a syringe
  • Eliminated numbness
  • Greater satisfaction after procedures
  • More confidence with the practice

How The Wand® works

Wand® uses a technology by which the dentist or dental professional can control the extent and release of anesthesia. With the ability to identify intraligamentary tissues, dentists can easily understand the precise location to place the injection. This helps patients be relieved of pain, stress, and anxiety.

Experience the new-age method of helping patients relax during a dental procedure. Request an appointment with or call us today!