Love love love seeing Dr.Saeb!! She provide great and thorough explanation regarding treatment plan. I’m excited to start Invisalign.

Elvira D.

Aug 2017

This practice is serious about quality. They will keep taking numerous images if the quality is not best!

Joseph B.

Aug 2017

Very informative!! I love that she is very honest and transparent about treatment plan. My previous doctor was more concerned about financial gain, which prompted me to seek a second opinion. I’m glad I met Dr.Saeb. I would highly recommend her. The office staff is professional and amazing too!

Elvira D.

Jun 2017

Dr. Saeb has done a great job of accommodating my many dental needs by making both the procedures themselves and the associated finances relatively painless. She and her staff are very professional and yet personable at the same time.

Julia M.

Apr 2017

She s a professional, caring, informative dentist and I highly recommend her.

Tim R.

Mar 2017

Maybe it’s a late afternoon appointment, we’ve waited for about 30 minutes even we arrived on time. And waited more after treatment to make our next appointment. Other than long waiting, it’s all good.

Initials H.

Oct 2016

Every staff there and the Doctor herself are all so friendly and very patient. Every step of way was explained clearly to my son. It was the first visit so it took longer than usual to figure out our insurance coverage. Over all, it was a great experience of dental visit.

Initials H.

Oct 2016

Just left with my Invisiline done! Complete! Dr. Farah Saeb is a perfectionist and wouldn’t let me be “done” until my teeth were perfect! And now I have a beautiful perfect smile. The staff is fun, courteous and always concerned about my comfort. I highly recommend A Plus Dental Care.

Ann N.

Aug 2016

There is no waiting time! No need to bring a book to finish it before you are taken! When you are in the office, all attention is about you.

Joseph B.

Aug 2016

Just left with my Invisiline done! Complete! Dr. Farah Saeb is a perfectionist and wouldn’t let me be “done” until my teeth were perfect! And now I have a beautiful perfect smile. The staff is fun, courteous and always concerned about my comfort. I highly recommend A Plus Dental Care.

Ruth G.

Jul 2016

Dr. Saeb is a superb dentist. When I go to other dentists (specialists) and they look in my mouth, they say “wow, she does such great work”. She’s great with the patients, her staff is great. Have been going to her for a decade and nothing but great things to say.

Renee M.

Jan 2016

Dr. Saeb is an excellent dentist with exceptional support. She takes great care of me, and for the specialist work I needed done, she made sure I only saw the best. Nothing has been so reassuring to me as having had a dentist who clearly knew her profession top to bottom.

Michael H.

Jul 2015

Dr. Saeb is thoroughly professional and very caring. She takes time to answer patients’ questions, and to carefully explain the details before and during procedures. It was a painless experience.

Ahmed S.

Aug 2014

My entire family, including my husband, my two daughters, and my parents have been a patient of this clinic for past 15 years. Dr. Saeb is an amazingly knowledgeable, gentle, and caring dentist. She is very professional, and on time. She is good in all aspects of dentistry, from taking care of my 11 year old cavity to making partial dentures for my 86 year old dad. The office is clean and organized and the staff are very nice and professional. I trust my teeth and my loved ones’ to her and her office. Thank you Dr. Saeb !!!!

For V.

Feb 2014

I feel compelled to express my appreciation to my dentist, Dr. Saeb for a great job she has done (again) on a series of dental work I had needed recently. After trying several dentists in the past two decades (when, with age, I have increasingly come to depend on them for my dental -and by extension, overall- health) for the past 15 years I have been a faithful patient of Dr. Farah Saeb’s. Granted, the frequency of my visits to the office have been low throughout these years; a fact that I attribute to the proper diagnosis and the high quality of treatment I have received from Dr. Saeb. She has demonstrated to be excellent at what she does, uses dental equipment that is state of the art, and by very knowledgeable and professional assistants.The office staff also have always been very friendly and accommodating.Not that many people “look forward” to going to a dentist. But I have come to feel that with Dr. Saeb, I am in confident, caring and highly professional hands when I need dental work done. I have been very satisfied with the care I have received by Dr. Saeb and I recommend her without hesitation..

Khasha O.

Jan 2014

I suffered with three other dentists before finding Dr. Farah Saeb, who quite frankly, is the best dentist I’ve ever had. I’ve been a loyal patient of Dr. Saeb’s for perhaps 12 years, along with my wife and now my two young sons. I’ve been through cleanings, checkups, inlays, fillings, crowns, a root canal, tooth whitening, and Invisalign. My wife has additionally been through braces and implants, all under the direction of Dr. Saeb and her staff.To the reviewers who had other dentists perform less work:Dr. Saeb uses the very latest technology available for digital X-rays and ultrasonic cleaning, and Invisalign, and she may find problems that dentists using older equipment might miss. I have never EVER had Dr. Saeb try to artificially or fraudulently write up more work than I needed. She uses the latest technology and the best available practices and materials. She ultimately has your health and well-being as her top priority.To the reviewers who complained about the staff being rude and complained about Dr. Saeb’s bedside manner, I can only imagine you were in some parallel evil universe, because I have found Dr. Saeb’s staff to be nothing but the kindest and most professional people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. It actually pains me to read poor reviews of this wonderful, fantastic dentist. She is beyond question the best dentist I’ve ever had.

Bugs B.

Jan 2013

Michelle M. obviously does not know what she is talking about or she may have the wrong dentist. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Saeb’s since 2008 and their staff is not even close to being rude and stuck up…in fact, they are the opposite. One of the reasons why i like Dr. Saeb’s office is because she keeps me informed and comfortable as much as possible. She understands my fear of needles (i’m a wuss) and tries her best to minimize the pain. I recently had my teeth whitened with the Zoom teeth whitening procedure and so far, i am very pleased with the results! On the whiteness spectrum, i was in the middle before the teeth whitening, but after my follow up visit yesterday, my teeth are as white or whiter than the whitest shade. Go see Dr. Saeb to have your teeth whitened!

Michael Y.

Mar 2010