Dental Veneers

Your smile is your greatest asset. It’s the first feature that people notice about you as you meet new people or gather in social events. Sometimes, irregularities in the form and structure of your teeth may hinder your self-esteem and diminish your confidence to project your true smile. Such minor to moderate irregularities of the enamel can be easily rectified by using minimally invasive methods of teeth restoration. Dental veneers are one such cosmetically approved type of dental restoration. They are generally attached to the front surface of teeth. Veneers are either of porcelain or composite type. Dental veneers correct issues such as uneven teeth alignment, spacing, crowding, minor discoloration, chips or cracks. 

What are the benefits of dental veneers?

Veneers serve patients with many benefits. Not only do they exhibit restorative benefits, but also cosmetic benefits. They are an example of a minimally invasive method of enhancing the appearance of the smile without having to remove a lot of teeth structure. 

What can dental veneers solve?

Dental veneers can solve several cosmetic dental issues such as the below:

– Wear and tear:As we age, our teeth naturally begin to age deteriorating its appearance and form. Dental veneers help restore chips, cracks, and uneven surfaces.

– Worn out enamel:Tooth enamel may wear off with time and may also be affected by the food that we consume. Dark beverages such as tea and coffee can also cause discoloration. Such imperfections can be resolved with dental veneers.

– Spacing:gaps between teeth that are caused due to teeth shifting may result in misalignments. 

Who is a good candidate for dental veneers?

Your dentist would be the best person to decide whether veneers are right for you. Below are some of the reasons that may make you a likely candidate for veneers:

– Tooth decay

– Periodontal disease

– Very little enamel

– Intense wear and tear

– Teeth that are worn-out due to grinding

What is involved in getting dental veneers?

The procedure involved in getting dental veneers is quite simple and would not require more than two office visits. During the initial visit, the dentist will examine the patient’s oral cavity and understand the requirement. Diagnostic X-rays would be taken to take impressions of the teeth that need restoring. The dentist would also help choose the restoration that best suites the natural color of your teeth. The procedure begins by administering a local anesthetic. The dentist would remove a layer of the enamel from the teeth by ensuring that there is enough room to receive the new dental veneer. Until the custom veneers are ready, the dentist would place temporary veneers where the enamel was removed. Temporary veneers would be used until the permanent ones are ready. During the second visit, the permanent veneers would be ready for use. The dentist would carefully remove the temporary veneers and the permanent veneers would be set in place with the help of dental adhesives.

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