Dental Implants Vs Dentures

Replacing missing teeth is necessary not only for cosmetic reasons but also for maintaining good oral health. The bone structure inside the mouth is similar to muscles. It needs stimulation to remain sturdy. The biting and chewing force stimulates the underlying bone structure, and when you lose teeth, the bone structure becomes weak and starts to resorb. This leads to drooping and sagging of the facial contour. Also, it is difficult to chew with missing teeth; nuts, meat, and vegetables require proper chewing, and people with missing teeth are forced to avoid such foods. Due to this, people with missing teeth often suffer from poor nutrition.

If you are suffering from missing teeth, you must be busy considering the pros and cons of dentures and dental implants. We have made your job easier by comparing the two for you. However, our doctor will be the best to determine the right choice for you. Dr. Saeb has multiple years of experience under her belt and can treat your dental issues with great precision and care. For further queries and inquiries, visit our dental practice or book an appointment with us.

Here, we have tried to illustrate the pros and cons of dentures and implants. By the end of the article, you will have dealt with the shadows of doubt in your head regarding the same.


Dentures are custom-fabricated replacements for missing teeth. They consist of a set of artificial teeth attached to a flesh-colored acrylic base that fits over the lower and upper dental arches. Dentures are removable in nature and can be removed according to a patient’s will. A dental adhesive is used to latch the denture to its place otherwise it may move or slip out of position.
Dentures are a good choice for people suffering from gum diseases and bone recession. They are fabricated using your mouth’s impressions and are custom-made to fit you. There are two types of dentures:
a. Full Denture: A full denture is used when a patient is missing all his teeth.
b. Partial Denture: A partial denture is used when some of the natural teeth still remain in a healthy state.

Benefits of Dentures

  • Dentures are less costly and more affordable than dental implants.
  • Dental implants are directly placed in the jaw without any test or trial. Dentures have an advantage over implants because they are run through tests and trials. Chances of failure are negligible.
  • Damaged and decayed teeth are removed before the final installment of your denture. The mouth is given enough time to heal before the placement of your denture.
  • The denture placement procedure is non-invasive as it requires no surgery.
  • If your denture breaks, chips, cracks, fractures or loosens, it can easily be fixed or modified.
  • Dentures restore a person’s chewing ability and remove any kind of lisp caused due to missing teeth.
  • Not only do dentures replace missing teeth but also provide support to the facial contour. They restore the collapsed appearance of the lips and cheeks.
  •  Replacing missing teeth with dentures is a quick, painless, and hassle-free procedure.
  • Dentures can be used to restore multiple missing teeth in a single go.
  • Most insurance plans cover the cost of dentures.
  •  Dentures also restore the lost self-esteem and confidence in a person.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are titanium fixtures that are surgically placed in the jaw to act as false tooth roots. Dental restorations like crowns and bridges are then attached to the roots to mimic the structure of natural teeth.
Here are the pros and cons of dental implants.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Dental implants provide the most natural-looking replacement for missing teeth. Nothing feels, looks, and functions more naturally than dental implants.
  •  Implants restore your smile, confidence, and self-esteem.
  • Maintenance of dental implants does not require any extra care. They need to be cared for just like natural teeth.
  • Dental implants do not move or slip out of place like dentures. They are firmly anchored and do not interfere with your eating or talking abilities.
  •  Dental implants not only replace missing teeth but also preserve the underlying bone structure. The tooth roots are placed in the jaws and provide constant stimulation to keep the bone sturdy and healthy.
  •   It is a long term solution and if properly cared for, dental implants last a lifetime.
  • Implants preserve facial contour and provide a youthful look.
For further queries and inquiries, visit our dental practice or book an appointment with us.

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